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We are proud to present you an exclusive collection of unique veneers called ONE-OF-A-KIND by Schorn & Groh from Germany who has been one of the leading companies in the veneer industry for decades.

ONE-OF-A-KIND has such extraordinary figures and coloring of heartwood formations that each one is distinct - pure nature instead of boredom, exclusivity instead of uniformity. Due to their uniqueness, it makes them particularly valuable and it is perfect for people who value individuality and sophisticated style. Moreover, all logs come from forests where sustainable management is practiced for the protection of the environment.

For ONE-OF-A-KIND - Premium, you will find exclusive offers of the most beautiful and unique specimens. Schorn & Groh sells the veneers only once to a SINGLE customer. For this reason, the total quantity offered must be purchased in full.

For ONE-OF-A-KIND - Select, you will also find offers of the beautiful and unusual specimens which more than one customer can select with a minimum quantity of 100sq.m.

Wood Veneer
BUTT CUT is a fascinating razor-thin end-grain veneer in sheets from Schorn & Groh. End-grain wood has a special rustic & natural character and the annual rings form highly decorative circular patterns and put this wonderful product right in the “Back to Nature” trend. It also opens up new options in high quality furniture production and interior furnishing design.

BUTT CUT offers many advantages over solid end-grain wood. The thinness of the veneer relieves the stress in the cross-cut wood while the fleece on the back leads additional stability.

We provide meanwhile the BUTT CUT by the leaf in thirteen design variants, in the standard size of 2600mm x 1250mm and a thickness of + 0.7mm upon request.

For details, please discuss your wish and ideas with our sales team!
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